do i get all of the photos from my wedding/session?

i purposefully set my packages/pricing up in a way that allows me to deliver all your photos & never cut you off at a certain number, though you will get an estimate on the number of photos you can expect, depending on the type of session or how long i am at your wedding.

i can promise that you will get ALL the good/usable images whether it’s from your engagement session or your wedding day! i could never find it in my heart to toss out photos that you would want! I AM an over-shooter so i get TONS of duplicates & you will hear my shutter constantly going. so, to be fair, you don’t get all 2,000 shots from your wedding day because so many are almost identical, but within each set- you do get the very best shot or two!

do you deliver any unedited photos?
can you edit my session “like this?”

no, i never give any unedited images, simply because that’s not the finished product! there are lots of words to describe my particular style— dark, moody, dramatic, earthy. whatever word you want to use, i chose this style because to me it feels MAGICAL. my goal is to deliver photos that hold the emotion you are feeling, on several levels. the content is ALWAYS most important, but the style can add another component that reminds you of the warmth, joy, and emotion you were feeling at this irreplaceable time in your life. on the flip side, i promise to make your skin tones look natural and that you will never look like an oompa-loompa!

i believe that when choosing a photographer with a “heavy editing style” you should feel 100% confident in that style. i have a cohesive look and tone to each photo i edit, but the “brightness” or “darkness” also majorly depends on the landscape/venue, weather, and time of day.

if you are having doubts, i’ll be totally honest and say: we probably aren’t the right fit. i want to be sure the photos you look at for the rest of your life are EXACTLY what you want and i realize this style isn’t for everyone— my goal is not to mirror life exactly, but to give you artwork that encompasses how special you, your love, and your life truly are. if you are still deciding, please feel free to ask any further questions on this!

do you use presets? do you sell your own presets?

you’ve probably heard of presets by now, and while they are definitely a helpful tool, they are not “one click & done” or a quick fix by any means. i get asked often if i will sell my presets, but there is no simple answer to that. while i do have a similar process that i take each photo through, EACH photo that is delivered to you is HAND EDITED. this means even photo to photo in the same session, they are treated differently. on average, i spend about 10 minutes per photo, pouring over it to make sure it is the best it can be. so there are no worries that your photos will look like they just have a filter added!

i believe it is so important to understand that each photo is unique, and there are no shortcuts that should be taken on priceless memories. i fell into a trap of believing if i bought someone’s presets, my work would look like theirs. and that’s just not true! i don’t think i will ever sell presets, for those reasons. i have spent almost five years cultivating this style, so your photos are carefully crafted and truly loved on by the time you receive them! i encourage you, if you’re looking to purchase presets, to buy lightroom and learn how to use it and open up a whole world to create your very own style!

for regular sessions, turn around time is 7-10 days unless otherwise addressed! for weddings, a date will be specified on your contract, but you can expect anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on what month your wedding is in. sneak peeks are delivered to you the next day for regular sessions AND weddings!

when your photos are done for a regular session, you’ll receive a link where you can view, share, and download all your photos from a digital album. for weddings, you’ll receive a flash drive with your precious memories, delivered on our agreed upon date!

how long does it take to receive my photos and how will i get them?