my love for photography can be traced back to childhood, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2014, when I got my first DSLR camera as a birthday gift from my husband, that the pieces of this journey began to fall into place. to be completely candid, I didn’t intend to start this business in the beginning, but that summer was a big one for my friends and family. from pregnancies to engagements, I used my new camera to help special people in my life document moments that seemed to be passing in the blink of an eye. the beauty of social media is that by sharing those precious moments of my loved ones, I had others reach out and ask me to do the same.

a lifelong passion for creativity, a deeply engrained love of capturing fleeting moments, and a truly meant-to-be set of circumstances birthed Ashlee Burgess Photography. from shooting in manual to learning how to market my business, I taught myself along the way. in the years that my business was growing, I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting & photography. and in 2018, I went full time as a wedding and portrait photographer. this type of job (as with any creative career) has some extremely challenging days, but there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing. I am so thankful to be able to support myself by doing something that I truly love, but the best part of this job will always, always, always be the connections — the incredible people that I get to meet and the unforgettable moments that I get to capture.

i met (and “dated”) my husband, beau, when we were eleven years old and i swear i knew then that i would marry that boy. we got married in 2013 while beau was serving in the army and now we are settled back into our little hometown where we met all those years ago. we are both self-employed (beau is a realtor and a full time business major!) so the hustle is real, but we love what we do. as I mentioned before, beau literally bought the camera that i began ashlee burgess photography with as a birthday gift for me, he supported my crazy dreams while i finished my degree and began my business, and he helps me with so many things behind the scenes. so needless to say, i’m a sucker for a good, mushy love story. you can probably bet that I will ask you how the two of you met at your session (and snap some candids of those giggles and eyerolls that always come after that question!)

my heart is happiest when I am photographing people in love. whether you have just started dating, are freshly engaged, planning your big day, or just need a moment to stop and BE together, I would love to document this time in your life. AND, if you want to go on an adventure to do so… you just stole my heart even more ;)

all my love,



1. i have an office in our home! between chatting with clients, editing, and catching up on business odds + ends, i spend most of my mornings there with a cup of coffee or two. everything is blush, gold, and white—even the walls! pictures to come soon!

2. in 2018, i got to mark my number one bucket list item off and visit white sands national monument in new mexico for mine & beau’s fifth anniversary. we never went on a honeymoon, so we spent a week between alamogordo & albuquerque — it was one of the best weeks of my life. I even took self portrait anniversary photos of us there. if you ever have the chance, GO!

3. i want to travel a LOT in my lifetime, but i have a pretty “weird” travel bucket list. when i announced our trip to new mexico, there were a lot of “what’s out there???” questions, haha! now that i’ve fulfilled that dream- antarctica is next on the top of the list. i would love to visit italy, greece, ireland… you know, the top destination spots. but there’s just something about a landscape that looks like another planet that calls to me most.

4. we have two cats that are basically our children. i used to hate when people said that about their pets, but here we are five years after adopting them and they’re an irreplaceable part of our family. maybe we will have some actual children of our own one day when the time is right, but for now we are soaking up every bit of life together and chasing after our dreams.

5. other things that bring me joy: my mom. home-brewed coffee. people in love. strawberry frosted donuts. jewel tones. lunch with my best friends. golden hour. saint george island, florida. fireplaces. floral patterns. calligraphy. film photography. to do lists.